Legal Disclaimer

The content of this microsite is based on the current planning status for the KION Employee Equity Program 2019 (“KEEP 2019”) and does not constitute a binding offer for participation in KEEP 2019. KION will submit such a binding offer to the Eligible Employees only as and when the Executive Board of KION GROUP AG will have adopted a respective resolution. Currently, the final decision of KION GROUP AG's Executive Board on if and subject to what conditions an offer will be submitted in the context of KEEP 2019 is scheduled for the beginning of October 2019.

In case of an offer, exclusively the final version of the Terms & Conditions as well as the offer letter which any and all Eligible Employees will receive following an affirmative resolution by the Executive Board of KION GROUP AG pertaining to the submission of an offer under KEEP 2019 will be legally binding. In the event of differences between the information contained in this publication and the previously mentioned documents, only the final version of the Terms & Conditions as well as the offer letter shall be authoritative.

Information contained in this publication may be amended within the context of further preparations for KEEP 2019 and/or the planned offer without prior announcement. The present details exclusively serve the purpose of providing information. KION GROUP AG does not assume any liability, responsibility or guarantees in relation to any errors or inaccuracies of this publication. KION GROUP AG will merely assume liability for products and services which, according to the agreement for the individual product and service, have been expressly regulated. The information contained in this publication does not lead to any further liability.

Neither KION GROUP AG nor any of the companies participating in KEEP 2019 will issue an investment recommendation, fiscal advice or guarantee in relation to the future development of the shares in KION GROUP AG (“KION Shares”). Thus, no financial product advice is provided on this microsite and/or any other documents or materials relating to KEEP 2019 and nothing therein may be taken to constitute a recommendation or statement of opinion that is intended to influence a person or persons in making a decision to participate in KEEP 2019. In particular, this microsite does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Before acting on the information contained on this microsite or making a decision to participate in KEEP 2019, you should seek professional advice from an independent person who is – if required under locally applicable law – duly licensed to give such advice as to whether participation in KEEP 2019 is appropriate in light of your own circumstances.