How KEEP 2019 works

The principle of KEEP 2019 is very simple: 3 + 1. You purchase share packages with three shares each. You hold the shares. After three years you receive a free matching share from KION for each package. And if you participate for the first time, you even receive additional free shares upon purchase of shares.

So simple

You are eligible to participate in KEEP 2019 if you work:

  • for one of the participating entities,
  • in one of the participating countries, and
  • have been employed for at least one year.

You can find a list of all participating entities in Downloads after the start of the offer period.

In the Starter Package, KION pays for every third share from your share package - up to a total value of free shares of 360 EUR.

At a purchasing price of 47.16 EUR (41.85 GBP) this equals 7 Starter Packages with 7 free starter shares.

Naturally, you may also invest more under the regular KEEP 2019 terms, once you have made full use of the Starter Packages. The Executive Board will determine the maximum number of share packages at the start of the offer period.

The rules for the Starter Packages are very simple:

You participate for the first time - this applies even if you were eligible in previous years but did not buy any shares. The Starter Packages are blocked for three years and cannot be sold or transferred to another account.

3 + 1: You buy three shares and get a free matching share from KION. There are basically two rules for receiving the free matching shares: You still work at one of the participating companies. And you hold the shares until the end of the three year holding period in your KEEP account. If you sell your shares earlier, you lose your entitlement to the free matching shares.


You always buy share packages with three KION shares. After the three year holding period, you will receive a free KION share for each complete share package you are still holding, provided you are still employed by one of the participating companies. The matching share is automatically transferred to your account.

The free matching shares may be subject to taxes and social security contributions.

With KEEP 2019, you purchase shares at a set price. The purchase price is linked to the average share price of the 15 trading days prior to the start of the offer period. Through using the average price, short-term fluctuations are compensated. You can find more information about the purchase procedure under Participate.

Price Adjustment: Should the KION share price drop significantly during the offer period, the KEEP 2019 purchase price will be adjusted. For this to happen, the average price of the last five days of the offer period must be more than 5% under the KEEP 2019 purchase price.

You don’t have to pay any additional fees upon purchase.

The minimum investment is one share package - i.e. three shares. If you are participating for the first time, you only pay for two of the three shares - every third share is paid for by KION as part of the Starter Package.

You may purchase a maximum of 20 share packages, i.e. 60 shares.


The sale of shares is conducted via the web portal of Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank bundles all sales orders each day and sells them as block orders as best as possible. Specific rules for implementation and acceptance times can be found in the web portal.

Among other things, the sale is subject to transaction costs of 0.5% of the transaction volume (at least 14.99 EUR). You can find current conditions in the web portal.

You may sell your shares (except for Starter Packages!) at any time or transfer them to another account. Attention: KEEP 2019 includes a three year holding period. If you sell or transfer the shares before the holding period expires, you lose the entitlement to the free matching shares.

Starter Packages are blocked and may only be sold or transfered after the end of the three year holding period.

Good to know

The free matching shares are subject to taxation and social security contributions in most countries. Dividends or sales profits may also be subject to taxation/social security contributions. However, there are tax exempt amounts. Starter shares, dividends, and sales profits may be subject to taxation/social security contributions. Information about taxation and social security contributions can be found on the Tax Information Sheet under Downloads.

Investment in shares is always associated with risks. The value of shares is subject to diverse market influences. Market prices may fluctuate unpredictably. This may lead to losses - including the complete loss of the invested capital.

KEEP 2019 offers you special advantages reducing the risk of losing the invested capital: The free share in the Starter Package and the matching share reduce the risk of losing the invested capital due to a falling share price.

Please note that for each purchase and sale of KION shares, you, yourself, are responsible for complying with applicable law, particularly the prohibition of insider trading, as well as the guidelines regarding the trade of KION shares stipulated by KION (particularly the so-called "Trading Windows").

Details can be found under Downloads.

If you quit: The entitlement to free matching shares is forfeited. You will always keep the free shares from the Starter Package!

If you change within the KION Group: If you change to a different participating entitity, KEEP 2019 continues as normal. You receive your free matching shares after the end of the holding period.

If you retire or leave due to occupational disability: The entitlement to free matching shares is forfeited.

In case of death: In the event of death, your heirs receive the shares, including all free shares in the Starter Packages. The entitlement to the free matching shares is forfeited.

If you are laid off: You receive a cash settlement for the matching shares.

Legal Disclaimer

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