Become a shareholder - and get a cherry on top

By participating in KEEP 2019 you become a co-owner - you have the same rights as any other KION shareholder. However, with KEEP 2019, you benefit more: KION gives you an additional matching share for every three shares purchased.

The Starter Package for first-time participants

A welcome present if you are participating for the first time: KION pays for every third share in your share packages, up to a total value of EUR 360. This also applies if you were eligible in previous years but never purchased any shares.

Overview: Your KEEP 2019 Advantages

You purchase share packages with three shares each. If you keep the share packages for three years, you will receive one free matching share for each share package. Participation pays off - even just one share package is worth it.

You benefit, even if the share price does not change. 33% return upon share price development of 0%. How does that work? Thanks to your free matching share.

The calculation is easy: 3 + 1. You purchase a share package with three shares and receive your free matching share after the holding period has expired. You then hold four shares. Your package is thus worth a third more than what you paid - any price gains and dividends are on top. The free matching share also protects you if the share price drops: The price has to fall by more than 25% before you make a loss before taxes.

Please note that taxes and social security contributions may apply to matching shares.

As a shareholder, you have the right to information and a right to vote at the shareholder meeting. This means, you have a say in the company.

Shareholders participate in KION’s profit through distribution of dividends. The shareholders decide, at the annual shareholder meeting, if and in what amount dividends are paid out.

The dividend is paid directly into your KEEP account at Deutsche Bank. Please be aware that dividends are subject to taxation.

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